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We've compiled data from numerous credible medical sources, analyzed countless hours of patient feedback and hundred of studies studies to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to navigate the role of testosterone and hormone balance in healthy aging.


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We'll present an in depth look the role hormones play in healthy aging. We'll also provide a broad introduction to the concept of hormone optimization therapy, with an emphasis on careful diagnosis and the range of effective to ineffective treatment plans. This is not intended to encourage you or discourage you, but to inform and educate.   

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"In the last decade, testing and diagnosis of low testosterone has accelerated, driven by an increasingly large aging male population, less stigma about the issue, more accurate testing and a great deal of public attention."


"The availability of qualified medical professionals, trained in testosterone diagnostic tools and armed with well-researched, monitored treatment programs has not caught up to this demand."

Our hope is that you will be better equipped to navigate the current onslaught of misleading marketing campaigns and unsubstantiated so-called medical data. A google search will often leave you with more questions than you had when you started. After reading this guide you will be much more prepared to decide whether or not treatment is right for you. 

 "The authors reviewed more than 100 studies and concluded that LOW levels of testosterone are associated obesity and diabetes. and higher rates of mortality and cardiovascular- related mortality."

Myths Vs. Reality


"A new review published in December 2013 in the Journal of the American Heart Association provided a comprehensive review of the clinical literature examining the associations between testosterone and cardiovascular health."

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What To Expect From Testosterone Optimization Therapy

This is the definitive guide to navigating the world of hormone therapy and understanding the role of testosterone in mens health

Potential Negative Side Effects Of TRT

Testosterone: The Symptoms And Effects Of Low T

Chapter breakdown

Different Types Of Treatment Modalities

Myths Vs. 


Low T: How Is It Diagnosed?

Increasing Low T Levels Naturally

Testosterone Therapy And Prostate/Heart Health

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